Record Label Experience

A creative music development program designed and tailored to help you write, record and create your new Single, EP or Album in the 90Deg Studio

Ever wondered what it must be like to be a signed artist who spends their time songwriting and working with producers in a real recording studio?

Great music comes from artists spending what is called Pre-Production time in the recording studio, working with experienced producers and other musicians or artists on shaping every aspect of their musical ideas for each and every song.

Our Record Label Experience – The Artist Development Program – is a one-of-a-kind program for all musicians, artists and producers looking to discover a new sound or unlock their true musical potential.

At 90Deg Studio, our team are all experienced music industry professionals and have spent many years performing, producing and collaborating on Singles, EPs, Albums, TV shows and even Theatre across a wide variety of genres.

We know that everyone needs help to achieve their music dreams and that being in the music industry today means having a ‘portfolio career’; working from project to project; which means you have to be versatile and able to work with anyone.

Artist Development Program

We also believe that one of the greatest changes to modern music production is that musicians, songwriters and home producers are now spending less time collaborating and creating together in real recording studios and more time having to work on their own at home or in isolation. Many have never even stepped foot inside a real recording studio! We want to change that.

At 90Deg Studio, we believe magic still happens in recording studios especially when musicians work with producers, collaborate with other musicians and are open to new possibilities. Just like the great artists whose influential music came out of studios like Capital Records, The Record Plant and the Abbey Rd Studios, we give you access to the 90Deg Studio and access to our incredible creative team of producers as the heart of our Artist Development Program, where you can work towards a new Single, EP or even an Album.

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