Drums and Reflectors

Photos & Audio

Today’s session saw us trialling our purpose built new mobile reflector panels. We call them the T121’s.

The 90º Studio Tracking room is a well treated, acoustically flat and balanced space. Being able to create a ‘wooden’ style reflective sound when necessary is important for us and our students in order for us to deliver as wide a variety of acoustic environments as possible.

Mic – AKG C414 XLII (set to Omni) placed head-height front and centre of our Yamaha Club Custom Kit. Mr Scotty Chapman presiding

Audio – Tracking Room in normal state.


Bring in the Reflectors!

First Position…behind the kit.



As was to be expected, there was a nice increase of the overall brightness and high-end reflection with a lot lost in the low-end.

Audio -Reflectors behind the kit.


Second position…in front of the kit.



We found that while there was an increase in both the brightness and high-end reflection, it was less than the behind placement yet all the transients appear to be more clarified, particularly in the snare, hats and kick. The overall harmonic balance also seems to be more pleasant than the behind position and with (arguably) a bit more ‘life’ in them when compared to the standard room sound.

Audio – Reflectors in front of the kit.

Next, we thought we would throw up a nice ribbon mic, directly behind above the drummer’s head and blend the two mics.

Mic – AudioTechnica 4080




Even though they were 180º opposite each other , we had no real phase issues.

Audio – Here is the two mic sound (Ribbon and Condenser)

For only two mics, we felt it created a very complete drum kit sound.

Overall, we are quite pleased with our reflectors and the flexibility they now offer us.

Pushing the Needle !!!

Ok…so this is where the fun starts.
Now that we have some nice reflections to play with, we thought ‘Hmmmm…let’s see what the infamous SSL LMC can do with that sound?!’

So here’s that!

Audio – SSL LMC (on full More setting)

It then went further!
Both tracks then had a nice treatment of SSL 611 EQ and 611DYN (500 series) with the Ribbon heavily gated. Then some nice glue from the Mix Bus Compressor.
Because we love Pushing the Needle!

Audio – SSL 611EQ, 611DYN & Bus Comp.

If you like that drum sound, you can have it as a free sample!

Click Here to download your free Drum Sample


Pushing The Needle – by Allon Silove / Director of 90º Studio