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Learn to record, mix, produce and so much more with our Music Production lessons:

Music Production Lessons


90º Studio Academy can teach you all about Ableton. Be mentored by our resident Ableton guru Huw Jones aka ‘FoxControl’ and go deep inside the incredible musical potential of this amazing software.

Certified Cubase

90º Studio is the only certified Steinberg Training Centre in Australia. Our Cubase Full Certificate Course is the only one of its kind.


Learn how to be productive with Pro Tools for recording, mixing, mastering and composing. Whether you want to set up a studio, work on post-production audio or just be creative, we can teach you how to be more productive and work faster with this industry standard.

Professional Development for Teachers

We are the leading music technology and music production NESA approved Professional Development providers in NSW. From recording and mixing, to composition with Ableton, Cubase or Pro Tools, Live Audio or even learning to conduct school ensembles with Notion software, we have you covered.

Pro Audio Sales

We love pro audio so much, we built a studio! 90º Studio is Australia’s first complete studio showroom. Now you can try it in our studio before you work with it in yours.



Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, sE Microphones & More



Universal Audio, SSL, API, Drawmer, Retro, Empircal Labs & More



Neumann, Yamaha, Dynaudio, Event, Sennheiser, AKG & More


Microphone Pre-Amps

Neve, SSL, Universal Audio, Focusrite, API, Drawmer & More



SSL Sigma


Acoustic Treatment

Primacoustic, isoAcoustic & made to order



SSL, Harrison, API & More



Yamaha Nuage System, AVID HDX, Focusrite RedNet, AVID S3



Argosy, Ultimate Support, isoAcoustics & Made to Order.

Tech Care

Tech Care removes all of the time consuming stress, frustration and hassles that can often accompany using a new music technology product. Have one of our highly experienced Technical Service staff help you to:

  • Get quickly up and running with your product
  • Solve any problems you may have
  • Understand and use the technology better.


90º Studio Technical Service is able to offer one-on-one personalised and tailored tuition for most music technology products. We offer Technical Support through:

  • In Store Service
  • On Location Service
  • Over-the-Phone Service
  • Remote Desktop Service
  • Email
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Studio Updates

Mic Shootout – New Rode NTR

  The new Rode NTR has been designed by Rode from the ground up. The product description reads "Every element of the NTR, from the transformer to the ribbon element itself, has been designed and created in-house at RØDE’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia. All...

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Is An Audio Education For You?

  Does an education in audio sound good? The world of recording, music producing and sound engineering can be a vast and overwhelming place to live. It is a world built on the backs of pioneering titans (i.e. Les Paul, Sir George Martin, Quincy Jones), lead by...

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Nuff Said: Track on a Neve and Mix on an SSL

There is a saying in the recording industry; 'Track on a Neve and mix on a SSL'. Its a "best of both worlds" approach to recording. The smooth tone of the transformers in Neve preamps combined with the clean and fast sound (and particularly 'SSL' flavour of noise)...

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Neve 4081 and Neve 1073DPA

  As far as new gear goes, having a couple of plain boxes with a Neve logo on them arrive in the studio can bring a special kind of smile to your face. Back in the 70's, 80's and 90's you would be hard pressed to find a major recording studio without either a...

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Earlier this year, Newcastle’s Musos Corner launched its new state of the art 90º Studio Training Academy and Technical Services. Now the studio is about to undergo an upgrade to a Pro Tools HD Native System, partially due to the fact Musos Corner has just become an...

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