This Is Audio

This Is Audio: learn to record and use a DAW in the classroom!

This Is Audio is an introduction to the world of digital recording, designed to give teachers the necessary knowledge and tools to conduct successful recordings in the classroom, every class!

Teachers are guided by a respected music producer and trainer (Allon Silove) and will get to work with a session musician too (if attending at the 90Deg Studio).

Teachers will also be supplied with the 90º Studio Academy Audio Primer Booklet.

Using Pro Tools, Cubase Pro or Ableton, the course delivers necessary basic knowledge on Audio Theory and Acoustics, Microphones, Recording Session Management, Use of DI’s and Line In, playing to click and multi-tracking.

This Is Audio is the only comprehensive recording course for PD offered in a professional commercial recording studio!

Cost : $299 per teacher for Full Day (= 6 hours of PD)  or   $65 per hour per teacher (= 1 hour of PD)

Inc. 90º Studio Academy Audio Primer Booklet

This course can also be delivered on location, at your school.