We believe everyone can have a life of playing and/or making music if they want it because we also believe that music makes life better.
Can we make you a superstar?
Can we help to make you a better musician, artist or music producer?
Whether you’re learning your first instrument, making music or keen to improve your music career, 90Deg Studio is here to help; Helping You Make Music.
90Deg Studio is located in Newcastle, NSW and is part of Musos Corner – one of Australia’s largest music instrument and music technology retailers


Our Partners

Continuous Music:

Continuous Music is an online music industry education platform, delivered by a music industry professional with over 30 years experience. Everything you need to know about music marketing, promotion, venues, artist management, touring, copyright, having your songs published, plus heaps more.

Newcastle Music Collective:

The NMC present live music events in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Sydney at a number of venues as well as representing many Newcastle based Indie music acts