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This week…it’s Drum Samples!


Two mics – Room and Snare (close)

Instrument: Yamaha Maple Custom – 22″ Kick,  Steel Snare, Paiste 2002
The Signal Chain: Neumann M149 (Cardioid – Room) & Neumann TLM 102 > 2 x  SSL VHD XR627 w/LMC on > SSL 4 K Buss Compressor

Download this week’s Sampler ‘DrumsM149’ ZIP File (14 Files 3.1MB) – click HERE
(All files are .WAV and recorded at 48kHz & 24bit)

Listen to some of the samples…(and don’t forget the subs!)

Kick – Hard Hit- M149

Snare – Hard Hit – M149&TLM102

DrumLoop 105 bpm

So get stuck in and if you end up using them in a mix, send us a copy or link to …we would love to hear it!
(And remember…all the gear used and heard is also for sale.)

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