Music Lessons

Guitar   Bass   Drums   Keys/Piano  Voice   Ukulele

We deliver Rockschool Music Lessons – the future of music tuition. Learn an instrument while playing all the latest songs from the worlds’ greatest acts while still learning traditional music theory…and having fun! And our Record-As-Practice technique guarantees to have you playing and learning with greater effect too.

Sick of trying to learn from Youtube clips and forums?


We can teach you how to better use your software, hardware or controller so you can get busy recording, mixing, producing and creating!


Ableton | Pro Tools | Cubase Pro | Logic X | Studio One | Garage Band | NI Machine | Push | Traktor | MIDI controllers | Audio Interfaces

Music Production Lessons

Ableton Live   Pro Tools   Cubase Pro   Logic X    Studio One

We deliver the world’s first internationally recognised graded Music Production Lessons from Rockschool.


90º Studio Academy can teach you all about Ableton. Be mentored by our resident Ableton guru Huw Jones aka ‘FoxControl’ and go deep inside the incredible musical potential of this amazing software.

Certified Cubase

90º Studio is the only certified Steinberg Training Centre in Australia. Our Cubase Full Certificate Course is the only one of its kind.


Learn how to be productive with Pro Tools for recording, mixing, mastering and composing. Whether you want to set up a studio, work on post-production audio or just be creative, we can teach you how to be more productive and work faster with this industry standard.

Professional Learning & Development for Teachers NSW

90º Studio Academy is proud to be a NESA approved PL & D provider for music technology and music production training. Learn to record using a DAW, compose and make beats with MIDI, use controllers, loops and samples, use your live PA system or even learn to conduct your school ensembles!

Pro Audio Sales

We love pro audio so much, we built a studio! 90º Studio is Australia’s first complete studio showroom. Now you can try it in our studio before you work with it in yours.

What’s in our studio



Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, sE Microphones & More



Universal Audio, SSL, API, Drawmer, Retro, Empircal Labs & More



Neumann, Yamaha, Dynaudio, Event, Sennheiser, AKG & More


Microphone Pre-Amps

Neve, SSL, Universal Audio, Focusrite, API, Drawmer & More



SSL Sigma


Acoustic Treatment

Primacoustic, isoAcoustic & made to order



SSL, Harrison, API & More



Yamaha Nuage System, AVID HDX, Focusrite RedNet, AVID S3



Argosy, Ultimate Support, isoAcoustics & Made to Order.

Tech Care & Tuition

Tech Care removes all of the time consuming stress, frustration and hassles that can often accompany using a new music technology product. Have one of our highly experienced Technical Service staff help you to:

  • Get quickly up and running with your product
  • Solve any problems you may have
  • Understand and use the technology better.

90º Studio Technical Service is able to offer one-on-one personalised and tailored tuition for most music technology products. We offer Technical Support through:

  • In Store Service
  • On Location Service
  • Over-the-Phone Service
  • Remote Desktop Service
  • Email

Studio Updates

Top Three Must Have Studio Microphones

When it comes to microphones, the task of selecting the right one for the job can appear to be one half art, one half science... and one half pure magic! The reason for this conundrum sits squarely with the misunderstanding that particular microphones can only be used...

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90Deg Free Samples – Download – Drums M149

New 90Deg Samples are here! More great samples, free for you to download ! This's Drum Samples! Two mics - Room and Snare (close) Instrument: Yamaha Maple Custom - 22" Kick,  Steel Snare, Paiste 2002 The Signal Chain: Neumann M149 (Cardioid - Room) & Neumann...

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New – 90Deg Free Samples – Download

Our new weekly 90Deg Samples are here! Every week there will be great samples, free for you to download ! This's Bass Guitar samples! Lots of heavy, heavy compression with loads of saturation...and no amplifier!!! Check out the intense signal chain below....

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Classic Microphones: Acoustic guitar madness!

The best part about having a great microphone collection is...having a great microphone collection! This week, we helped our resident session musician, Mr Jack Dawson, start recording his new EP. We also thought it would be a great excuse to use some classic...

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The answer to latency!

“Why do I get a delay when I try to record?” So many people ask me to solve the problem of the monitoring delay time they have when recording their guitars, using a microphone or even when using things like VST fx and midi controllers. This is all due to latency. What...

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Dante Use Case Demonstration

Audinate's Dante is an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization. Dante is also now the preferred audio networking solution adopted by more pro-audio AV manufacturers than any other networking...

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Pushing The Needle – Drum Reflectors

Drums and Reflectors Photos & Audio Today's session saw us trialling our purpose built new mobile reflector panels. We call them the T121's. The 90º Studio Tracking room is a well treated, acoustically flat and balanced space. Being able to create a 'wooden' style...

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