Showroom Sessions


Our 90º Studio is also the first complete studio showroom in Australia ( part of Musos Corner, one of the largest music retailers).

Here you can listen to, compare and experience every element of a recording or post-production studio signal chain before you purchase!; from microphones, outboard gear and analog hardware to digital controllers, software and plug-ins.

A showroom session can involve;
-Mic comparison
-Equipment comparison (outboard EQ, dynamics, etc…)
-I/O comparison
-Hardware vs Software

Our staff bring a combined experience of over 50 years working with professional audio and sound production equipment, hardware and software. Not only that, but they  use nearly all of our products every single day in the studio, which means they can advise you on what might be best for the job based on genuine use and experience, not just opinion.
It’s the ultimate ‘try before you buy’ experience for all of your music and sound production needs.

All the leading brands and many boutique brands on offer too.
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