Music Production workshops using Ableton Live

2 hour Ableton workshops to get you creating your own music.


Session Offerings

Do them all or pick and choose which sessions are most suited to your production needs.

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Individual sessions are $75 per 2 hours.

Save by purchasing all 6 at a total of $420

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Warping, session view & device racks


2 hour workshops on warping audio samples to fit your remix and transforming common sounds into something exciting and new with Abletons device racks.

Price: $75

Round 1: 6th July

Round 2: 28th September




Sampling, recording and editing Audio

2 hour workshop creating your own loops and samples, chopping, slicing and editing audio to create your own sound.

Price: $75

Round 1: 13 July

Round 2: 5 October




MIDI creation, including recording and editing

2 hour workshop learning how to program MIDI to create your own drum beats, putting orchestral arrangements into your recorded tracks and creating huge club sounds from scratch.

Price: $75

Round 1: 20th July

Round 2: 12th October




Creative sound design using synthesis and inbuilt effects

2 hour workshop on using Ableton to create your own palette of sounds and audio effects to engage listeners and audiences.

Price: $75

Round 1: 3rd August

Round 2: 26th October



Basic Music Theory

2 hour workshops on using basic musical concepts to create interesting compositions, improve your understanding of rhythms and control the effect of your harmonic content.

2 hour workshop

Price: $75

Round 1: 3 August

Round 2: 26 October



Mixing within Ableton Live

2 hour workshop on basic mixing ideas techniques to turn your musical ideas into a finished track to share with the world.

2 hour workshop

Price: $75

Round 1: 10th August

Round 2: 2nd November



Live Sound


PA Basics for musicians (or ‘How to setup and operate your PA’ – for solo, duo, or band)

Length:             3 hrs

Day:                      Saturday

Dates:                 Max No. 10                Available

Apr 01                                                          10

May 06                                                        10

Jul 01                                                           10

Aug 05                                                         10

Sep 02                                                         10

Oct 07                                                          10

Nov 04                                                         10

Cost:                 $99.00 (bookings required – book now)

Workshop Content


A 3 hour interactive workshop with a sound engineer.
Knowing how to run a PA is vital for most musicians today whether it is your own or an in-house system.
Now you can learn about the essentials of working with most PA systems, how to connect to and operate them.
Session includes

  • Signal and Gain
  • Microphones and DI’s
  • Amplifiers
  • The Mixer
  • Speakers
  • Cabling
  • Signal Chain
  • Wireless
  • Setting up FOH
  • Setting up Monitoring
  • EQ
  • Basic Routing
  • Conducting good sound-checks
  • Basic Mixing
  • Basic FX